Krank Vent Impressions by sirzepp

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Krank Vent Impressions by sirzepp

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Krank Vent Impressions

Per Maddog 20/20 I researched and purchased a "Krank Vent" from ET Performance (

Initial impressions:

1. Build quality is impressive, this is obviously an engineered piece of hardware. The valve is extremely fast to react. MUCH faster than a normal PCV.

2. Installation was easy. I installed the Krank Vent in the line off my valve cover, after the vent the line continues to my catch can, then on to the nipple on the Compressor intake pipe from the TT kit.

3. The big question: Does it work? Well, it hasn't least not for me. My crank case is sealed just fine, as I was measuring an inch or so of vacuum on it with the check valve setup I had before. I can detect no vacuum building in the case with the Krank Vent least not with line I'm using to my boost gauge (I drilled out an oil filler cap and installed a fitting to run a line to my boost gauge sending unit...probably not advisable for a long period of time given the oil won't be good for the sender unit...but it seemed a practical way to test).

I'm going to call Ted at ET tomorrow to see what he recommends. I know his normal system involves TWO valves, but our engines only have ONE breather (I guess most of his applications have valve cover or back of head and one for the pcv).

I am extremely impressed with the service I've already received from ET. The valve was expensive ($80), so I'm not happy that it MIGHT not be working...but there could be multiple problems with my setup:

1. My boost gauge may not be sensitive enough to measure whats going on/there might be something wrong with how I've set up the line to measure CC vacuum/pressure.

2. I may need to re-visit my breather line...maybe the KV isn't close enough? (it's installed within an inch of the outlet on the valve cover).

3. Perhaps purchasing the second vent and working up a simpler two line system or drilling another hole in the valve cover would be the answer.

I'm tired of dealing with this issue. My engine is fine, does not have excessive blowby, compression checks and leak down looks good and the recent dyno shows good performance. YET, I've got oil leaks from the valve cover (I've changed the gasket 4 times now, and replaced the cover with a new one once). I don't get why I seem to be the only one around here experience these oil leaks.
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